Auto Locksmith Services in Philadelphia

Our highly skilled Penn Locksmiths have become the masters in the automotive locksmith field, with extensive knowledge of all vehicles on the road today there is no automotive locksmith related issue we are unable to handle. All of our Penn Locksmiths have been fully licensed, insured and bonded and always offer a full service warranty on all of the work they perform. When you are without access to your vehicle the only locksmith you will need is our expert Penn Locksmith auto techs.

Since all of our auto specialist are equipped with their own mobile service unit that acts like a traveling warehouse filled with all the tools and parts they will need to complete any type of automotive locksmith service you may require right there on the spot. With the ability to travel directly to your location our Penn Locksmiths now give each of our automotive locksmith customers the added convenience of coming right to where your vehicle is located to perform the service you need. Gone are the days where a costly tow was involved to take your vehicle to the dealership in order to have them replace your lost or stolen keys. Our car key replacement team is able to respond to your distress call as soon as possible and be at your side to create the key you need to get back on the road again.

Some of the services we provide:

o   Break-in damage repairs

o   Auto locksmith lockout rescue

o   Installations, repairs, and replacements of your ignition cylinder

o   Installations, repairs, or changes to your automobile security systems

o   New/Replace/ Repair keyless remot control

o   Key replacements and duplications

o   Lost key retrievals

o   Spare key duplication

Car key replacement seems to be one of the most common calls our customer service team receives which is why our automotive locksmith specialist are continually being trained in all the latest technologies on vehicle key cutting procedures.

Inside our mobile service units we have a large selection of keys made to fit just about every vehicle on the road today along with the high tech machines needed to cut and program them to your specific vehicle.  Although car key replacement is one of most popular services there is much more our auto locksmiths are able to complete. If you have the key to your car but it will not turn the ignition over this can be a major problem, usually involving a mechanic who is most likely going to spend the hall day for a simple service that our skilled Technicians can handle. In addition to the wide selection of vehicle keys we keep in stock we also stock various ignition switches for multiple brand vehicles, since we already have the part in stock and are qualified to replace your broken ignition with one quick phone call we can be at your side changing your ignition right away. After the new ignition is in place we will also be able to create you a new key without ever having to pay for your car to be towed anywhere.

Emergency Auto Locksmith

Aside from car key replacement the 2nd most requested service our auto techs receive is for vehicle lock out assistance, this service technically falls under our emergency locksmith services but since all of our automotive, commercial and residential locksmiths have been fully trained in all emergency locksmith scenarios whoever is the closest is who gets the call. Penn Locksmith offers a fast response time to all emergency calls so when you are locked out you can be sure that before you know it one of our Penn locksmiths will be at your side to unlock your door right away. Even though all of our techs are trained in how to unlock vehicle doors we count heavily on our automotive locksmiths to respond to car locks outs seeing how most of the time the customer is not only locked out but they are also in need of car key replacement. No matter what type of service you are in need of our Penn Locksmith auto specialist in Philadelphia will be there to assist.

Our automotive locksmith specialist are like we stated the masters in their trade, we are constantly learning new and better methods to better serve our customers for example each month we have a auto locksmith evaluation where we test each of our auto specialist skills at creating new keys from scratch, repairing broken ignitions as well as unlocking vehicle doors. Since we keep our team fresh and on their toes you can be 100% sure that if you are ever in need of an automotive locksmith when you choose Penn locksmith you are choosing the best in the business. Give one of our friendly customer service representatives a call, so we can send the most skilled automotive locksmith right to your location and get you back on the road in no time at all.


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